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Cosmetic Dentistry Services at SC Dental Group in Plano, Texas

Job interview? Date? Important gig? Feeling insecure about your smile and teeth? Cosmetic dentistry can help! At SC Dental Group the doctors know how important it is to give your best smile no matter the occasion. Cosmetic dentistry is different from orthodontics primarily because it is less non-invasive and also a cheaper option. It is also a quicker and less painless remedy to fixing your teeth and smile. Cosmetic dentistry has garnered popularity over the last couple of years.

What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic, as the term implies, takes care of your teeth and smile at the surface level. It helps to improve both with little to none of any kind of invasive or surgical procedures. Cosmetic dentistry cannot really be called a specialty but it considered an art and the doctors have to stay on top of their game by training to stay informed of the latest tools, technology and techniques. In doing so, they are able to achieve natural-like results. It helps enhance your teeth and smile thereby increasing your overall confidence. The dentist usually picks and chooses and ultimately matches all the materials and form based on the patient’s requirements. This method is more in line with traditional cosmetic dentistry concepts, and it is usually easier on patients who have uneven or difficult-to-remove teeth. There are some surgical procedures such as gum surgeries to reduce the appearance of recessed gums, insertion of dental implants in situations where the natural teeth are missing, restoring unsightly fillings and treating facial pain caused by TMJ disorders. Cosmetic dentistry is the most frequent dental treatment for removing unsightly defects in the teeth. It can completely transform your smile, or shall we say “grin” for a more appealing appearance.

Why Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry addresses a host of dental problems. The ones at the top of the list are:
Discolored Teeth: Teeth whitening and brightening is one of the most popular concerns in cosmetic dentistry. It can make the teeth several shades lighter thereby resulting in a more exuberant smile.
Gappy Teeth: The procedure to address this issue is Dental Bonding. This closes any gap between the teeth which affect the smile or make the teeth uneven.
Broken or Chipped Teeth: Dental Bonding also addresses the issue of broken or chipped teeth which can fill any fractures in the teeth and also repair any cracks or chips in them.
Misaligned Teeth: Orthodontics, like Invisalign®, can align uneven teeth and improve your smile without going through the difficulty of metal braces.
Missing Teeth: Loosing a tooth or two often affects one’s self esteem and self-confidence. It makes one self-conscious, of course, but also makes it difficult to eat. Dental bridges, crowns and implants are all solutions for addressing the concern of missing teeth. This of course depends on the requirement of the patient.
Tooth Size/Shape: Cosmetic Dentistry also addresses these concerns. At the end of the day a great set of teeth and smile can drastically improve one’s self-confidence and how the world looks at you. Cosmetic dentistry can help.
An important aspect of your physical appearance, is your smile. Cosmetic dentistry is more than just being about cosmetics; it’s also about overall health. Attractive teeth make it easier to speak smile and eat with greater confidence. At SC Dental Group, we offer a variety of pocket friendly Cosmetic Dentistry options:
  • Composite fillings
  • Cosmetic gum surgery
  • Dental bonding
  • Dental crowns
  • Lumineers
  • Smile makeover
  • Teeth whitening
  • Ultra-thin porcelain veneers

What are Dental Veneers?

Dental Veneers are basically customized shells that cover the front of the teeth. They aid in improving the shape, size and color of the natural teeth and also assist in filling out gaps where teeth may have been missing. There are two types of dental veneers, composite and porcelain. Composite veneers are thin ceramic shells that fit and shape directly on to the teeth while sitting in the dental chair. Porcelain veneers are thin shells of custom porcelain that fit and cover both the front and the sides of the teeth.

What is Cosmetic Gum Treatment?

This procedure assists with forming a proportionate gumline. The following procedures are on offer with us and all fall under the bracket of Cosmetic Gum Treatment.
Gum contouring: Laser gum contouring helps you attain a smile that looks natural and uniform.
Gum reshaping: The process of rearranging your gum line to match your new smile is known as gum reshaping. It’s a vital step in the smile makeover process to finish your transformation.
Gum grafting: Gum grafting is a surgical procedure that helps to cover exposed tooth roots, decrease sensitivity, and revitalize your smile.
For more information on Cosmetic Dentistry, call us at 972 423 6804 or 972 423 6805 today to schedule a free consultation at SC DENTAL GROUP, Plano, TX.
Disclaimer: Any dental work is not guaranteed. Results may vary as it depends on the patient’s health condition / bone or tissue condition, and it may not work . Get your free checkup done to understand this.

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